The penalties for overproduction of milk, you can spread out in installments.

From Thursday, farmers will be able to submit requests for payment in installments of penalties for exceeding milk quotas. Limits on production exceeded 63.5 thousand farms. The total penalty for the Polish amounts to almost 660 million zlotys.

Agriculture Minister Marek Sawicki pointed out that the documents on the rat should be submitted branches of the Agricultural Market Agency. The majority of farms will not be charged additional interest – he stressed. They do not threaten farms and processors that do not exceed the limit for “de minimis”, ie 16,000 euros per farm within 3 years.

Marek Sawicki referred to the allegations of the opposition on the difficult situation on the milk market. Average price in buying today is lower than the cost of production. PSL politician noted that crossing the amounts happened to our farmers as well as previous governments.

He recalled that in the 2005/2006 season penalty for Polish amounted to 250 million zlotys.
Farmers will be able to spread the penalties in three equal installments. From this season, the limits on milk production are no longer applicable.