Milk market. The high level of buying persists.

In the first five months of the quota year 2014/2015 (from April 2014 to March 2015). Deliveries of milk purchase was 6.8 percent higher than in the corresponding period of the previous quota year – announced the Agricultural Market Agency.   This means that Poland may exceed the amount of milk production in 2014/2015 is likely approx. 7-8 percent. The amount is 9.9 billion kg. Production over the limit – a penalty for overproduction, which will have to pay the farmers. In the period from April to August 2014.

To collectors, farmers delivered 4.59 billion kg. ARR finally summed up the already quota year 2013/2014. Number of purchased milk amounted to 10.076 billion kg., And the surplus amounted to 167 million kg, or 1.68 percent. Their limits exceeded almost 56 thousand. farmers. It was calculated that the overproduction of Poland will have to pay a total of 46.4 million euros, which is approx. 194 million zł. The fee for exceeding the individual quota is 30 gr per kg of milk.

Agriculture Minister Marek Sawicki asked today by MPs from the parliamentary agriculture committee of the penalties for overproduction of milk, he said the Ministry of Agriculture shall endeavor to farmers for last year quotations do not have to pay them. The European Commission has announced the abolition of the milk quota from April 2015. Sawicki explained that if the French agriculture minister kept his public commitments, which gives in talks with four eyes, the matter would be settled. He noted that the Minister Stephane Le Foll have repeatedly said that France agrees that penalties were not, however, the plenary meetings of the European Commission in France’s position does not change.