Intervention in the milk market. Poland will submit a request to the European Commission.

Law and Justice deputy agriculture minister said on Wednesday that the next meeting of the EU council of agriculture ministers Polish requests to take intervention measures in the milk market. The meeting is scheduled for mid-February. Jurgiel not informed, however, about what action it. As learned PAP request the intervention is currently being prepared. In December, in a statement for the media Jurgiel, and other PiS politicians have signaled willingness to resolve the issue of penalties for overproduction of milk. As for the request to remove the need for the payment of the second and third installment. The first, totaling more than 250 million zł, had to pay 63 thousand. farmers. In total, the penalty is 660 million zł. Additional burden Polish farmers penalties affect the financial condition of dairy farms. On Wednesday Jurgiel Minister and Minister of State Jacek Bogucki were guests at a symposium organized by the National Union of Dairy Cooperatives. The meeting focused on the current situation in the sector and in the dairy market – the Ministry of Agriculture said in a statement. The Minister acknowledged during the meeting that the need to push for changes in the EC regulations on agricultural markets in the area of risk management. He emphasized that “the statements contained in legislative acts of the EU, as regards taking action by the EC in connection with the crisis, should be more specific.” Bogucki reminded prepared support for milk producers. The funds will be paid in accordance with the regulation, already adopted by the Council of Ministers. As learned PAP, the document is waiting for the publication, possibly legislation will come into force in late February. On compensation for farmers is approx. 29 million euros (120 million zł). The Ministry estimates that milk producers will be able to receive aid amounting to approx. 1.4 cent to kg of milk. The condition for assistance would have at least three cows and quota year 2014-2015 to produce at least 15 thousand. kg of milk, but not more than 300 thousands. kg of milk. At the end of January the European Commission announced that the program of subsidies for the storage of milk powder and butter has been extended to 30 September 2016. Manufacturers may continue to receive subsidies for the costs of the private storage of skimmed milk powder and butter.